MIDI Monsters helps you harness the full potential of your music equipment by offering professional grade mappings for MIDI equipment and controllers. Working alongside world-class DJs in the studio and on tour has granted the MIDI Monsters team a unique insight in developing the most innovative, useful, and widely circulated additions that help maximize the functionality of electronic music equipment. Development at MIDI Monsters is led by one of the music industry’s greatest innovators, Mike “ENDO” Henderson, who has pioneered cutting edge advances in the way artists make and perform music live.

Our products are inspired and trusted by the world’s most respected DJs at their biggest shows, so there is absolutely no room for errors. Rest assured that every feature will work as promised every time; there are no second chances when you’re live. With our help, you’ll become a monster at the controls by making your workflow smoother and more adaptable. Every knob and button should be tailored to your unique style. Now it’s easier for you to create your sound and mix your music.

Your music is defined by your style; your equipment should be no different.