About the Download

Our Maschine Mikro mapping is a baby version of our Maschine Studio and Maschine MK2 mappings. With the Maschine Mikro mapping, you can control all four decks in Traktor, and features tons of workflow enhancements for triggering hotcues, setting loops, beatjumping, Flux Mode, pitch bending and more. It also contains shortcuts for advanced track previewing and loading that will save you multiple steps and get you in the mix quicker than ever and give you a whole new way to pick out songs in the moment based on how they sound with what is playing. Bright LED feedback on the controller allows you to see which features in Traktor are turned on, saving you from looking at the computer screen and the portability of the Maschine Mikro allows you to have a powerful four deck controller without taking up tons of valuable space in the DJ booth.