About the Download

With the ENDO Maschine Studio mapping you can turn your groove box into a powerful 4-deck controller that controls almost EVERYTHING in Traktor. While this mapping has over 900 MIDI commands in it, every single button has been carefully programmed with your DJ workflow in mind and is easy to use and very effective for live remixing. This mapping allows you to quickly switch between all four decks in Traktor and easily control things like looping, beatjump, cue points, advanced browsing and previewing, pitch bend, effects, and more. I’ve also added a few new features with the Maschine Studio mapping. On the LED display you can have a visual display of what each pad does and what functions are turned on in Traktor right on the controller. Also I’ve added 2 new pages to the effects section so you can control all four effects panels. I’ve even added a page that features a four-channel mixer with four volume faders, four filters and four cue buttons so you could technically do your mixes entirely on the Maschine controller if you do not have a DJ mixer. I’ve also added a deck duplicating section so you can quickly load automatic doubles of your tracks for even more live remixing power.