About the Download

Give your Pioneer CDJ 2000 TRAKTOR Steroids with this custom mapping that lets you take your CDJ skills to the next level. This custom Traktor Advanced HID Mapping for the CDJ 2000 gives your CDJs extra power by adding beatjump, allowing you to jump around your tracks and remix them seamlessly. I’ve also remapped the “Master Tempo” button to be “Sync” so you can have quick access to the sync feature. Also I’ve fixed a couple of common complaints with the default CDJ 2000 mapping and re-ordered the hotcue buttons so they control hotcues 1,2 and 3 (instead of 2,3, and 4), and also made the tempo fader relative instead of absolute, so there is no jump in tempo when your using the sync feature. Also I’ve added advanced track previewing with the memory and delete buttons so you can preview your tracks in sync before loading them. Also I’ve added controls for deck duplicating for all 4 decks, so you can quickly load automatic doubles and use the beatjump and looping features for more high powered live remixing features. Why be a slave to your tracks when you can play them YOUR way?


Used by: Sasha, Pete Tong, Audiofly, Phillip from M.A.N.D.Y., Hot Since 82, Thugfucker, Lee Burridge


Requirements: Latest version of Traktor