About the Download

With ENDO’s Traktor Kontrol X1 Deck mapping, you can give your X1’s superstar DJ power by adding tons of new workflow tweaks. While this mapping is similar to the default X1 mapping, I’ve added some secret weapons that a lot of A list Traktor artists are using live in their sets. If you own two X1’s, I’ve added the feature to be able to assign and control all four effects panels directly on the controllers, and you can control all four deck in Traktor. If you are only using one controller you can still take your effects to the next level by being able to select the effects directly on your controller. I’ve also added some browsing shortcuts to the browse knob so you can now scroll through your playlists and playlist favorites directly on the controller. I’ve changed the beatjump length to 32 beats (8 bars) so you can do advanced phrase mixing without skipping a beat. I’ve also moved the pitch bend (tempo bend) to be a primary function so you can quickly nudge your tracks without having to go into shift mode. Another secret weapon I’ve added is what I call the “Magic Cue Point” button. This button will go to cue point #1, turn play on, and turn sync on so it saves you three steps when you want to start a song. Its like having all of the fundamentals of DJing in one push of a button! Also if you want to cue a track up you can use the Cue / Stop button. This mapping has been road tested for years by some of the top Traktor artists so you can be assured this will take your DJing to the next level!

Used by: Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, Carlo Lio, Dubfire, Felix Da Housecat, Lee Burridge, Pete Tong, Sharam, Thugfucker